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The Focus

Self-Love and Self-Care

Discover S.E.L.F. is a mindset created from the thriving need of knowing and understanding one’s inner self. In a society where everything is focused on creating a picturesque caricature of the outward appearance of perfection. We tend to lose ourselves more than discovering our true selves. To offset these irrational beliefs within me, I created Discover S.E.L.F.  (Surviving, Evolving, Loving, Fulfilling). My go-to place to refresh and refuel my inner being.
Since manifesting my vision of the meaning, Discover  S.E.L.F. my vision and passion for self-love and self-care have been thriving and I decided this will be my root focus for my private practice. Browse my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.  I am hopeful you will find an inspiring word that will help you survive, evolve, love, and fulfill your best life.

How It Got Started

As far back as I can remember, I have served as a listening ear to those seeking inspiration, help, and advice. Even as a young girl, I was gifted with the ability to provide advice and guidance to classmates and adults alike through my charismatic, I-am-not-playing charm to help others take a stand on their internal happiness.
In 2016, I graduated with my Master’s in Counseling and, shortly after, gained a license as an LPC, and started my profession as a therapist. While seeing clients, I noticed many were suffering from a lack of self-love and needed tools to take care of themselves.  I started writing to help others deal with depression and anxiety by delivering positive messages through the lens of self-love and self-care.   
I started DISCOVER S.E.L.F. PLLC with the goal of encouraging others through my belief in building healthy, happy relationships, starting first.

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