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Carpe Diem!

As we are experiencing this pandemic together, many of us may start to feel anxious and out of control. I want to remind you to stay mindful of the current moment.

Now is the perfect time to seize the day and take advantage of staying at home.
I always like to take a step back and access the situation in its current state.

Yes, the current way of life may be scary due to the uncertainty of decisions being made and every day another freedom seems to be suspended. Yet, I tend to look at my situation and find areas that I still have control of in my immediate life. There are things that I can do to ease my fears and nurture my mental health.

Staying mentally healthy is key to calming youranxieties and learning how to stay in control when everything around you is chaotic

  • Take this time to empower yourself and start a new project or finish a project you keep putting off. Welcome this time to learn more about yourself and love ones.

  • Challenge yourself to explore new tasks and check-in with old friends and rekindle family connections. This is a perfect time to learn how to do video chats.

  • Be inspired to get off-line, stop watching so much news and start a garden, do some landscaping, revamp your indoor and outdoor space.

  • Take advantage of the time and encourage yourself to be still and meditate and learn how to relax.

Staying grounded and mindful of the current moment will help ease your mind and enhance your senses. Direct your attention to the birds and the songs they sing. Notice the color of the flowers and the leaves. When was the last time you gazed at the sky and admired the clouds in the sky? Make the most of this time and self-empower yourself to create a vision board, set goals, or simply fall in love with yourself and admire how strong you really are in unpredictable times.

Give yourself credit for making it through the day and embrace the uncertainty. We will get through this!

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