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Serenity Now!

Being overwhelmed can happen in an instant. Your mood and day can be going perfectly, and then suddenly the energy in the room changes. A conversation could shift, an emergency can pop up, a sudden deadline at work is uncovered. In an instance your cool, chill, " I got this" energy is eruptive. Typically, we react and respond to the situation without thinking about how we should respond. This is a dangerous place to stay in on a daily basis.


Being in reactive mood everyday is a sign that you may need to take a step back and regain control of situations that are overwhelming and causing stress and anxiety in your life.

When feeling stress and overwhelmed, it is important to ground yourself. These quick strategies with help you re-focus, slow down your heartbeat, and allow you to think through the stressful situation. Immediately take some time for yourself. Give yourself time to respond and let the individuals around know you need a moment Ensure them you will address the matter in plenty of time. It is perfectly alright to insert some space from the situation or person.

Take your "SERENITY NOW" moment using one of this strategies.

Take a quick walk.
Cycle through some breathing exercises.
Squeeze a stress ball for a couple of minutes.
Recite positive affirmations such as, " I can handle this situation", " I will live past this moment", "This situation is not my whole life" .
Listen to a soothing or motivation song/beat. Keep this on repeat until you feel relaxed.
Watch a quick motivational video.
Find a quiet spot and be still.
Watch a funny video.

Learn to find moments in your day to reclaim serenity when the pressure is building up. Use the strategies mention and better yet create your own calming strategy. Learning to take control of the situation is the key to staying level headed and nurturing your own self-care and self-love.


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