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Yes... it is Valentine's Day.

I tend to go back and forth on should I celebrate, acknowledge, commercialize, belittle, or straight out shade (read for fifth) Valentine's Day.

I mean who does Valentine really think it is getting into my business and telling me I need to love on this day?

Why should I succumb to the idea of spending time with loved ones, romanticizing them, or expressing love on this day? Like really, is it necessary?

Truthfully, what is wrong with the idea of showing love? Why do we get bent out of shape because society is encouraging us to love on one day out of 365 days? It can not be too bad to tell the people in our lives that we love them. I agree that the commercialization of candies, flowers, jewelry, and sexual gratification is grandiose. I do not believe one should fake love or throw it around carelessly. It does not take much money to shower your loved ones with love.

This is a perfect day to think of those individuals who you love and celebrate them.

When was the last time you told them you loved them, gave them a hug, or simply showed them attention? Anyone you can not express love to probably should not be in your life anyway so actually Valentine's Day is doing you a favor and holding you accountable for who should and should not be in your life.

Now being single on V-Day can be very challenging and sometimes traumatic.

I understand and I have been their more times than I want to admit. Here is when self-love really comes into play. Do not let this day hijack your happiness. Do what makes you happy on this day. Yes, it can feel awful seeing everyone get flowers, cards, candies, blowing up their social media accounts with the most amazing gifts. I challenge you to reject the temptation of unhappiness and loneliness.

Jump start your love for yourself.

Send yourself flowers, wear something sexy for yourself. Put yourself first by doing something nice for yourself. A healthy positive self-love includes doing whatever makes yourself happy to create positive self-thoughts. This is the best time to cater to your own needs. Plan a date night with yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant or try a new one. If that seems to extreme order to go. Go to the movies with friends or family. The alternative could be to watch the best relationship bashing movie available or snuggle up with a blanket and watch your favorite love story in your home alone. Plus, you can eat all the popcorn you want and don't have to worry about someone else's hand in the popcorn.

The point is do what makes YOU happy.

Think of Valentine's Day as your day to be good to you.

So seize the day. Let's not let Valentine's Day be bleak and melancholy. Choose your journey for the day. Be free and live in bliss.


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