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2020... I'm A Boss!


It is the start of a new decade, we have wished everyone a happy new year, created new year resolutions, and already contemplated on quitting those resolutions. Why do we quit resolutions so quickly before we can fully commit to these ideas of self-improvement? What commitments do we keep and which commitments do we quickly toss away?

The key to commitments is to make them apart of your true inner-self. Personalize them so they can be rooted to who you are aiming to become or who you are covering up. Be bold in creating a resolution and skip out on the petty, gimmicky, and cliché ideas of self-improvement and really dig deep and demand yourself to create something that wills you into becoming a better you. Diagnose your internal symptoms. Prescribe yourself a goal that empowers you from the inside out. Live your life that helps you conquer your goal and watch how those socially acceptable resolutions slide right in and show up without you even noticing.


In 2020, I'm a boss! I'm taking ownership of what has been lying dominant in me for so long. I walking this year from beginning to end creating opportunities to propel me into my goals. I am strong-stepping into my runway taking charge and living out my true self. Challenge yourself to create a resolution that focuses on more than physical attributes or financial well-being. Focus on a goal that reveals the real you. Treat yourself to something more than a socially acceptable challenge.

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